Deimante Sprainaityte

Deimante Sprainaityte is a 20 year old freelance photographer, photo assistant & creative. Born and raised in Lithuania, residing in London for the past 8 years. Studying Photography and Arts in City College, she decided to go straight into work and learn more through Photography and Studio assisting in various Photography Studios in London as well as assisting different Photographers; involving featured assisted work in Heroine Mag &

In the past few years Deimante has already managed to get her work out there. Shooting different bands in the city, managing to get her work recognised, leading her to have more commissioned work. Deimante has also moved to Cornwall for over a year, creating and shooting the different landscapes and lifestyle. This has not stopped her to organise her own all analog photography exhibition @touchmyfilm with her friend Luke Simmonds. Involving 6 unique Cornish & Devon based artists as well as DJs for over the two days in St. Ives, Cornwall.

Deimante has an extraordinary demeanour of pushing herself to work with different creatives and clients.

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